Declarations of interest

EFSA applies a robust declarations of interest system to safeguard the independence of its scientific work.

Annual Declarations of Interests are made by all members of EFSA’s Scientific Committee, Scientific Panels, and Working Groups and by all other EFSA experts as well as members of the Authority’s Management Board and Advisory Forum.

We publish all these Annual Declarations of Interests in EFSA's Declarations of Interests database

A Declaration of Interests contains details of current activities and those completed in the last five years in the following categories:

  • Ownership or other investments, including shares
  • Membership of a Managing Body or equivalent
  • Membership of a Scientific Advisory Body
  • Employment
  • Consultancy/advice
  • Research funding
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Other membership or affiliation
  • Interests of close family members
  • Other

All EFSA experts are also asked to declare any specific interests which might be considered prejudicial in relation to items on the agenda of the meetings they attend.

If a conflict of interest is identified, it is recorded in the minutes and EFSA takes the measures specified in the procedure for handling conflicts of interest.

To ensure maximum transparency, EFSA records any interests declared in the minutes of meetings of its Scientific Committee and Panels and also in the minutes of their Working Groups.