The 28th meeting of the Advisory Forum

18 September 2008

On 18-19 September 2008 EFSA’s Advisory Forum will hold the 28th plenary meeting in Paris under the auspices of the French EU Presidency. Many important issues will be brought to the attention of the representatives from the Member States, the observer and the candidate countries. The items of the tight meeting agenda are:

  • Feedback from the meetings of the Management Board, Scientific Committee, Advisory Forum working groups on IT and Communications and the Focal Points
  • EFSA’s Strategic Plan 2009-2013 and the Priorities for EFSA’s Management Plan 2009
  • Dietary Reference Values
  • Session on Research
  • Review of the implementation of the Strategy on Cooperation and Networking
  • Focus on the increasing awareness on EFSA’s scientific work

Agenda(27.25 KB)
Revised AF Extranet working environment(61.64 KB)
Mandate for the EFSA meeting of national experts on aspartame(23.3 KB)
Minutes(124.42 KB)