Stakeholder meeting on draft guidance documents for novel foods & traditional foods from third countries – 11 April in Brussels

Brussels, Belgium
11 April 2016


On 25 November 2015, the European Parliament and the Council adopted the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on novel foods. It creates a centralised authorisation procedure in which EFSA will conduct the scientific risk assessment of novel food applications. The regulation also introduces a notification procedure for traditional foods from third countries, based on a history of safe use.

In this context, EFSA has prepared a draft guidance document which specifies the requirements applicants need to meet when submitting applications for the authorisation of novel foods and a second draft guidance document concerning the information to be provided for the notifications of traditional foods from third countries to document the history of safe use. On 18 February 2016, EFSA launched a public consultation on these draft guidance documents and invited interested parties to submit written comments by 21 April 2016.

The event serves EFSA to further consult with stakeholders on the two draft documents. 

Objectives of the meeting

EFSA invites stakeholders for an exchange of views on the two draft guidance documents for novel food applications and for notifications of traditional foods from third countries. EFSA is seeking comments and feedback on these drafts which will be considered by EFSA’s experts for the final guidance documents.   

Structure of the meeting

Plenary session in which stakeholders will have the opportunity to follow presentations, comment on and discuss with EFSA experts the two draft guidance documents.

Who should attend?

The meeting is intended for all stakeholders with expertise and interest in the area of novel foods. Participation is limited to a maximum of 100 participants, including speakers and other experts already identified by EFSA. A post-registration selection will ensure a sufficient representation of the various fields of expertise, a representation of the different sectors as well as geographical balance.

The registrations are closed.

Logistic information

The meeting takes place in Brussels, Belgium, on 11 April 2016, from 09:00 until 16:00. Further details on the venue and logistics will be communicated to applicants selected to participate following the closure of registrations. English is the language of the event, no translation will be provided.

There is no participation fee however you will be required to cover expenses related to your travel and accommodation.


Do not hesitate to contact Wolfgang Gelbmann (content matters) at wolfgang.gelbmann [at] and Vanessa Descy (organisational matters) at conferences [at]


Draft Agenda

List of participants

Public consultation on the draft guidance on the preparation and presentation of an application for authorisation of a Novel Food

Public consultation on the draft guidance on the preparation and presentation of a notification for authorisation of Traditional Foods from third countries