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How to become a registered stakeholder

In 2016, EFSA established a framework to strengthen dialogue and engagement with the seven categories of representative stakeholder organisations that have an interest in the Authority’s work or in the wider food and feed sector. Since then, stakeholders have been able to express their interest in joining the community of registered stakeholder organisations with which EFSA engages to ensure that different voices are heard and provided with the opportunity to contribute to EFSA’s work.

In 2021, EFSA updated its stakeholder engagement approach to comply with the new regulatory framework introduced by Regulation (EU) 1381/2019 (the ‘Transparency Regulation’) and support the implementation of the EFSA Strategy 2027. The revision implied a shift towards a topic-based engagement approach and the launch of new interaction mechanisms.

Who can register

Organisations with an interest in EFSA’s work may become EFSA registered stakeholders if:

  • They are a legally established organisation in the EU/EEA and have activities at an EU level.
  • They have a track record and/or a legitimate interest in EFSA’s work or in the food/feed sector.
  • They are a representative organisation in their field of competence.
  • They are non-profit making and do not exclusively represent an individual company.
  • They are registered in the EU Transparency Register.

Registration to become an EFSA registered stakeholder is open-ended. EFSA will update the list of registered stakeholders on a quarterly basis according to the following calendar:

  • Registrations received in quarter 1 (Jan-Mar) > Feedback to registrants: April (week 4).
  • Registrations received in quarter 2 (Apr-Jun) > Feedback to registrants: July (week 4).
  • Registrations received in quarter 3 (Jul-Sep) > Feedback to registrants: October (week 4).
  • Registrations received in quarter 4 (Oct-Dec) > Feedback to registrants: January (week 4).

Why should you register?

Registration gives access to dedicated on- and offline platforms – on top of those open to the wider public – through which registered stakeholders can engage with EFSA regularly. These mechanisms are complemented by dedicated channels though which registered stakeholders are informed about upcoming activities and other matters of relevance to them.

Registration form

If you are interested in becoming a registered stakeholder, please complete the online form.

Onboarding sessions for newly registered stakeholders

New or changed liaison officers of the stakeholder organisations that have completed the process to become a registered EFSA stakeholder are invited to join our digital onboarding sessions, where they can meet EFSA staff and learn more about EFSA’s engagement framework. Onboarding sessions occur on a quarterly basis according to the following calendar:

  • February (week 4).
  • May (week 4).
  • September (week 1).
  • November (week 4).


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