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Webinar: Rapid Assessment of Contaminant Exposure (RACE) tool


Webinar| 27 April 2020, from 15.00 to 16.00


The aims of the webinar were to:

  • Provide attendants with an overview of the Rapid Assessment of Contaminant Exposure (RACE) tool and the purpose of its development.
  • Explain the RACE methodology:
    • Toxicological characteristics of chemical contaminants – decision trees.
    • Food descriptors (FOODEX2) and European Food Consumption Database.
    • Tool registration and access.
  • Describe how the tool can be used for rapid risk evaluation of contaminants in food.

During the webinar, the presenters gave oral and written answers to questions submitted by participants. All the questions and responses have been collected and will be published on this page in due time.

The RACE tool is based on the methodology proposed in the EFSA technical report “Risk evaluation of Chemical contaminants in food in the context of RASFF notifications”, which was published on 15 May 2019. The tool provides estimates of acute and chronic exposure of different population groups to individual food chemical contaminants and compares the result with the health-based guidance value or other relevant toxicological reference points.

To register to the RACE tool, please send a request to servicedesk [at]

Presentation and recording

Play recording:

Presentation: Rapid Assessment of Contaminant Exposure (RACE) tool


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