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Statement on a scientific publication on vertical gene flow in rice and its potential ecological consequences by Lu & Yang (2009)

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Following a request from the European Commission, the Panel on Genetically Modified Organismswas asked to review the published scientific paper of Lu & Yang (2009) and to indicate whether thispaper contains new information that would alter the previous EFSA GMO Panel environmental safetyconclusions on the genetically modified rice event LLRice62. This scientific paper reviews verticalgene flow between cultivated GM rice and cross-compatible wild/weedy rice relatives and thepotential ecological consequences thereof. In 2007, the EFSA GMO Panel issued a scientific opinionon the risk assessment evaluation of application EFSA/GMO/UK/2004/04 for the market authorisationof LLRice62 for food/feed uses, import and processing in the EU. In light of the new scientific paperprovided by the European Commission and, having considered relevant scientific publications onvertical gene flow in rice, the EFSA GMO Panel concludes that, in terms of risk to the environment,no new scientific evidence has been provided that invalidates the previous environmental riskassessment evaluation of LLRice62 for its intended uses, which exclude cultivation.

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