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5th meeting of the Management Board

The Management Board discussed and voted on the 2003 Budget and a new Framework Financial Regulation. The heard an update on the interim Advisory Forum and the Advisory Forum Proper and discussed a report on the Management Board Team Building Day.

  1. Adoption of Agenda
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting and matter arising from the minutes(Document MB 6.11.2002 - version 4 Draft Minutes)
  3. 2002 Budget – amendment (Document MB 11.12.2002 –2)(vote)
  4. 2003 Budget – adoption (Document MB 11.12.2002 – 3)(Document MB 11.12.2002 – 3 annex)(vote)
  5. The new Framework Financial Regulation - Information, discussion and vote (Document MB 11.12.2002 – 4) (vote) 
  6. Update on Interim Advisory Forum and the Advisory Forum proper (Document MB 11.12.2002 – 5) - For information only
  7. Report from the EFSA Management Board Team Building Day (Document MB 11.12.2002 – 6) - Discussion
  8. Information concerning the call of expression of interest for the Scientific Committee and Panels – For information only
  9. Any Other Business
    • Draft Decision concerning the terms and conditions for internal investigations in relation to the prevention of fraud, corruption and any illegal activity detrimental to the Communities' interests - MB 11.12.2002 – 7 (Discussion and vote)