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EFSA’s activities on emerging risks in 2014



In 2014, the procedure for emerging risk identification was further developed and follow-up activities on the specific issues identified were carried out. Eighteen issues were evaluated, 5 issues have been so far selected for further investigation. In addition, 4 reports were published including the report on bee health research, the procedure for the identification of chemical emerging risks, the annual report of the Member States network on emerging risks, the results of the pilot study on drivers of emerging risks, and the update on EFSA’s activities on emerging risks in 2012-2013. On-going activities include a systematic review on the combined toxicity of multiple chemicals, a toxicological modelling study on exposure to multiple chemicals in bees, a study on the use of human biomonitoring data for risk assessment, one on non-monotonic-dose-response effects of chemical substances for human risk assessment, and one on the occurrence of cyanotoxins in food. Networking activities have been enhanced with the coordination of the Standing Working Group on Emerging Risks. The engagement with Member States and Stakeholders has been reinforced and extended to international partners. Overall, our experience confirms that emerging risk identification requires a high level of expertise and networks for sharing information in a timely manner. EFSA will continue its activities on emerging risks through the continuation of the engagement with Member States and stakeholders and the completion of the on-going activities to collect additional information on the issues identified.