Relevance of a new scientific publication (Bortolotto et al., 2014) on previous EFSA GMO Panel conclusions on the environmental risk assessment of GM soybean events

Environmental risk assessment, GM soybean, non-target organisms, parasitoids, tritrophic interactions
First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
1 aprile 2015
27 marzo 2015
Technical Report


 Following a request of the European Commission, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) assessed the scientific quality of the Bortolotto et al. (2014) publication and its corrigendum published online on 8 January 2015, as well as the relevance of the reported findings for the risk assessment of soybean MON87701×MON89788 and other genetically modified (GM) soybean events for which the EFSA GMO Panel already issued a scientific opinion. The publication by Bortolotto et al. (2014) reveals no new scientific information that would invalidate the previous risk assessment conclusions and risk management recommendations made on soybean MON87701×MON89788 or any other GM soybean event previously assessed by the EFSA GMO Panel. Therefore, EFSA considers that the previous GMO Panel risk assessment conclusions and risk management recommendations on all GM soybean events assessed so far, including soybean MON87701×MON89788, remain valid and applicable.

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