Workshop on Avian Influenza 2020

First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
2 dicembre 2020
Event report

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Since 2019, EFSA is responsible for collecting, collating, and analysing the avian influenza (AI) surveillance data gathered by Member States (MSs), and for the production of an annual report presenting the results from their national surveillance programmes in poultry and wild birds. Further, a quarterly report updating on the AI epidemiological situation is produced by EFSAin collaboration with the European reference laboratory (EURL), and the European Centre for Disease prevention and Control (ECDC).To ensure a high quality of the outputs produced,a close collaboration between EFSA and itsstakeholders (particularly MS representatives, EURL, and the European Commission‐EC‐) isrequired. Following on the success of the workshop held in 2018, where the granularity of the surveillance data submitted to EFSA(among other topics related to the two ongoing mandates from the EC on AI) was discussed, an online workshop was held in September 2020. The aim of the workshop was to have an open discussion and exchange of ideas about the data collection organized by EFSA, as well as to provide stakeholders with an overview of the latest epidemiological developments on AI. Also, an update was provided on a tool being developed by EFSA to visualise the location and connectivity of wild birds belonging to the species included in the list of target species for HPAI.In this report, a summary of the presentations and following discussion held during the AI workshop is presented.

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