Outcome of the pesticides peer review meeting on general recurring issues in mammalian toxicology

First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
6 aprile 2020
Technical Report


The technical report reflects the outcome of the discussion during the mammalian toxicology experts’ meeting on general recurring issues,which took place in Parma in October 2019. The issues discussed and identified during the EFSA peer review of pesticide active substances under Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 were mainly related to: the assessment of substances with endocrine disrupting properties, the assessment of impurities, isomers and metabolites, the genotoxicity of mixtures,the use of in silico methods for the assessment of genotoxicity and the use of the benchmark dose instead of the NOAEL. In addition, EFSA provided an update of the ongoing activities such as the in vitro metabolism, dermal absorption and developmental neurotoxicity.

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