Workshop on Incorporating Wildlife Compartments in FMD Simulation Modelling

First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
4 febbraio 2020
Event report


An expert meeting, held in 2019, was organised between EFSA and FAO with the objective to discuss the integration of a wildlife compartment in the current EuFMDis model. Experts in the field of mathematical modelling, animal disease spread models, virology, veterinary epidemiology and animal health discussed i) features and structure of the current EuFMDis model ii) EFSA's models used on spread of animal diseases and simulation modelling iii) ENETWILD project and interface between domestic populations (e.g. pigs) and wildlife (e.g. wild boar) iv) available data sources for simulating spread and control of FMD in different wildlife species and iv) EFSA's SIGMA project (standardised data collection). It was concluded that the addition of a wildlife spread component in the EuFMDis is a priority in order to evaluate contingency plans associated with wildlife. Two scenarios were proposed, and key issues were identified to integrate the wildlife spread component in the EuFMDis model. It was concluded that control measures may be parametrised for FMD and maybe for other diseases, but available data are limited.

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