Workshop on the SIGMA Project and zoonoses data collection

SIGMA project, data collection, pre-accession, zoonoses
First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
15 ottobre 2019
10 ottobre 2019
Event report


A workshop was organised under the EFSA Pre‐Accession project 2017‐2019, financed by the European Commission (EC) through Multi‐beneficiary programme “Preparatory measures for the participation of IPA beneficiaries in EU Agencies”. The overall objective of the programme is to support preparatory measures with Pre‐Accession countries in view of their future participation in European Union (EU) Agencies before and upon membership. The support aims in addition at knowledge transfer and capacity building in the area of expertise of the EU Agencies.The current EFSA Pre‐Accession project runs until the end of May 2019 and one of the main objectives is to facilitate data collection in the Pre‐Accession countries and reporting to EFSA. EFSA organised a dedicated training to provide the participants with the main elements to understand the SIGMA project and further information on requirements of the data collection, reporting tools and reporting system for zoonoses, zoonotic agents and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). This event report summarises the background and rational for the training organisation, structure and main outcomes.

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