The EFSA‐funded collection of dietary and related data in the general population aged 10‐74 years in Greece

Greece, nutrition, diet, food consumption, HYDRIA, adolescents, adults
First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
23 novembre 2018
31 ottobre 2018
External Scientific Report

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The Hellenic Health Foundation received support from the European Food Safety Authority in order to organise a national nutrition survey according to the methodology described in the EFSA Guidance document and to collect food consumption and related information among 780 adolescents, adults and elderly residing permanently in Greece. The EFSA‐funded data collection was largely based on the protocol of a large scale Greek national nutrition and health survey, called HYDRIA. The present report describes this EFSA‐funded data collection in terms of: study population, tools used to record thdietary data, supplementary questionnaires to collect diet‐related information as well as personal characteristics of the study participants, anthropometric measurements, details of the study implementation and measures taken to assure data quality.

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