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Maximum levels of deoxynivalenol in certain cereal products

certain semi-processed cereal products from 750 µg/kg to 1000 µg/kg. For this statement, EFSA relied on ... 15-Ac-DON. The exposure from the acetyl-derivatives has not been covered in this statement, since the ... European Commission Type:  Statement ...

17 dicembre 2013

Statement on maize 59122 for cultivation

statement on the environmental safety of maize 59122 in its 2013 Scientific Opinion. A gap in the ... gmo@efsa.europa.eu On request from:  EFSA Type:  Statement ...

21 novembre 2013

Use of animal-based measures to assess animal welfare

The overall aim of the work outlined in this statement is to help establish a common framework for ... animals. The statement is mainly intended to support the work of EFSA, and a list of considerations for ... opinion on dairy cattle and another on pigs related to the topic. This statement clarifies some common ...

14 giugno 2012

Statement on the identity of apple snails

a statement to clarify the current scientific knowledge regarding the identity of the apple snails in the ... request from:  European Commission Type:  Statement ...

04 aprile 2012