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Technical meeting with stakeholders on applications for food enzymes

Background Food enzymes can be added to the EC list of authorised food enzymes only after their safety has been assessed by EFSA. The procedures for evaluation and authorisation of food enzymes are laid down in Regulation (EC) No 1332/2008. EFSA’s Food In ...

19 giugno 2019 to 20 giugno 2019
Brussels, Belgium

EFSA issues new advice on phosphates

Estimated total intake of phosphates from food may exceed the safe level set by EFSA after re-evaluating their safety. EFSA’s scientists also recommend the introduction of maximum permitted levels to reduce the content of phosphates when used as additives ...

12 giugno 2019

Re-evaluation of the safety of phosphates (E 338–341, E 343, E 450–452)

The Panel on Food Additives and Flavourings added to Food (FAF) provided a scientific opinion re-evaluating the safety of phosphates (E 338–341, E 343, E 450–452) as food additives. The Panel considered that adequate exposure and toxicity data were availab ...

12 giugno 2019
Scientific Opinion

L’EFSA emana un nuovo parere sui fosfati

L’apporto totale stimato di fosfati provenienti dagli alimenti potrebbe superare il livello di sicurezza già fissato dall’EFSA: è quanto emerge dopo un riesame della loro sicurezza. Oltre a ciò, gli scienziati EFSA raccomandano di introdurre livelli massi ...

12 giugno 2019