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Annette Toft


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Annette Toft is the Director of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council’s office in Brussels. The Danish Agriculture & Food Council represents the farming and food industries of Denmark including companies, trade and farmers’ associations. It provides the Council members with advisory services and handles their professional interests in the areas of food production (e.g. animals, cereals, seed, fruits and vegetables, organic agriculture), trade and promotion, research and innovation, environment and climate. Ms. Toft is a member of the Board of the Innovation Fund Denmark, which contributes to Research & Innovation projects in all sectors in Denmark. As well, she is Chair of the working party on Foodstuff at Copa-Cogeca, the organization of European farmers and agri-cooperatives. Along her career, Ms Toft was a member of Boards in several public research institutions and public funding programmes for innovation within the food sector and broader.

Ms. Toft holds a M.Sc. in Political Science issued by the University of Copenhagen and an MBA from the Henley School of Business.