11ª riunione del Consiglio d’amministrazione

3 dicembre 2003

During this meeting, the proposed 2004 management plan came under scrutiny along with the Budget proposed for 2004. Also discussed were changes to the rules of the Scientific Committee and Panels, introducing a written procedure for adoption of minutes. Proposed follow up actions from the Colloque were considered.


  1. Adoption of   Agenda(42.53 KB) 
  2. Draft minutes of the previous meeting and matter arising from the minutes(Doc MB 03.12.2003 – 2)(Adoption)
  3. Geoffrey Podger – General update on developments
  4. EFSA Management Issue
  5. Related Financial matters
  6. Change to rules of the scientific committee and panels to introduce the written procedure for adoption of minutes(67.32 KB)  (Doc MB 03.12.2003 – 7)(Discussion and adoption)
  7. Ostend Colloque - Outcome and proposed follow-up actions(191.52 KB)  (Doc MB 03.12.2003 – 8)(Discussion)
  8. Team Building Day March 2004 (Discussion)
  9. Any Other Business