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Pre-accession seminar on BSE and other TSEs

General work in EFSA on BSE, other TSEs and ABPs and the future role of EFSA in the TSE area as well as its collaboration with member states was presented. The representatives from 3 Member States- Belgium, France and Ireland- shared information on their ...

26 marzo 2008
Zagreb, Croatia

Pre-accession seminar on the EFSA Advisory Forum and Management Board

The role of the Management Board in evolving of EFSA’s strategy and future direction as well as assuring EFSA’s independence from the political process was presented. The Advisory Forum is the main formal interface between EFSA and the national bodies the ...

24 aprile 2008
Izmir, Turkey

Pre-accession seminar on Handling Crises

This seminar included presentation of the EFSA crisis handling plan, how to manage communication in a crisis, a crises exercise and information on RASFF. In addition to this speeches by experts from the Member States on specific crises and how they had be ...

27 maggio 2008
Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Pre-accession 2008 seminar on GMO Risk Assessment

The seminar provided an overview of how GMO risk assessment is carried out in the EU and inform about the close collaboration between EFSA and the EU Member States. Experts from the Member States shared their experiences with the representatives from the ...

25 settembre 2008
Ohrid, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Pre-accession 2008 seminar on the EU Institutions working on Food Safety

The Commission and the European Parliament explained what they are doing in the area of Food Safety and EFSA explained how we co-operate with the EU Institutions in Brussels and about the legal aspects of the EU Food safety legislation. Risk Analysis fram ...

16 ottobre 2008
Brussels, Belgium

Pre-accession 2008 seminar on Microbial Risk Assessment

Introduction to the Microbial Risk Assessment carried out by EFSA as well as an in-depth overview on the risk assessment of mycotoxins in food and feed were presented by scientists from EFSA BIOHAZ and CONTAM Unit. Reports from the Member States on their ...

26 novembre 2008
Zagreb, Croatia

Pre-Accession Seminar on the Institutional Framework of EFSA

Organized within the EFSA Pre-Accession Programme 2008 for Turkey, Croatia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia the seminar will focus on risk analysis framework and the division of the risk management from the risk assessment. Representatives fr ...

11 marzo 2009

Pre-Accession Seminar on Animal Health and Welfare

In the framework of the EFSA Pre-Accession Programme 2009-2010 for Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries, the European Food Safety Authority organised a two-day seminar on Animal Health and Welfare for the representatives from competent institutions ...

17 giugno 2009
Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia