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9ª riunione del Consiglio d’amministrazione

The Scientific Panels were inaugurated at the end of May, so the general update covered their first meetings. Mr Podger informed the Board that these meetings dealt mainly with administrative and scientific planning matters and that the first Scientific C ...

18 giugno 2003

10ª riunione del Consiglio d’amministrazione

In addition to a general update on developments, the Management Board were given a briefing on the state of play of recruitment and staffing, and received a chart describing who does what at EFSA. Discussion centered around the roadmap, the revised 2003 M ...

16 settembre 2003

11ª riunione del Consiglio d’amministrazione

During this meeting, the proposed 2004 management plan came under scrutiny along with the Budget proposed for 2004. Also discussed were changes to the rules of the Scientific Committee and Panels, introducing a written procedure for adoption of minutes. P ...

03 dicembre 2003