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Information Session on Implementing Rules of Independence Policy

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) held an information session on 5 March 2012 in Brussels to present the Implementing Rules of its Policy on Independence and Scientific Decision-Making Processes which was adopted by EFSA’s Management Board at its ...

05 marzo 2012

Stakeholder conference- Transparency in Risk Assessment

Programme and documents The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is holding a conference on Transparency in Risk Assessment on 3 October 2013 in Parma, Italy, from 09:00 to 16:15. The conference is part of an initiative EFSA launched in January 2013, des ...

03 ottobre 2013

Esperti riuniti per dibattere di prospettive in tema di TTC

Documenti Esperti scientifici di tutto il mondo si sono riuniti a Bruxelles per confrontarsi sui presupposti scientifici che stanno alla base del concetto di “soglia di allarme tossicologico” (TTC in breve). Il seminario di studio, svoltosi nell’arco di 3 ...

02 dicembre 2014

First Meeting of EFSA Stakeholder Forum

EFSA hosted the first meeting of its Stakeholder Forum on 30-31 May 2017 in Parma as part of its new approach to furthering public and stakeholder involvement in the process of risk assessment. Well-attended first meeting of the Forum kick-started a serie ...

30 maggio 2017