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Statement on non‐dietary exposure on diquat

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In response to an application to renew the approval of the active substance diquat, EFSA completed an assessment in 2015 under the second group of the renewal programme (Regulation (EC) No 1141/2010). During the subsequent consultation on the EFSA conclusion between the applicants and the European Commission, the need to reassess non‐dietary exposure was identified. EFSA was asked to provide a statement to include: detailed calculations for uses other than the critical good agricultural practice (GAP) for potatoes; calculations of the exposure of bystanders and residents using the EFSA calculator of the EFSA guidance (2014) adapted according to the saturated vapour concentration approach; the application of the German approach (as defined by Martin et al. 2008) without modification; and an evaluation of whether re‐entry worker exposure is required for the critical GAP (potatoes). The assessment includes uses supported by both applicants as well as representative uses for different application rates. The concerns identified in EFSA's original assessment for bystanders and residents are confirmed for all representative uses.

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