Use of EFSA Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database for estimating dietary exposure to genetically modified foods

Comprehensive Food Consumption Database, dietary exposure, GM foods
First published in the EFSA Journal
25 febbraio 2015
19 febbraio 2015
Statement of EFSA


Dietary exposure is an essential element of a risk assessment of genetically modified (GM) foods. This is primarily used following the identification and characterisation of a hazard, or for the assessment of the nutritional consequences after consumption of GM foods with altered nutritional profile and then for the full risk characterisations. A crude estimate of dietary exposure may also be used during hazard identification/characterisation to support the choice of dose regimes. Implementing Regulation (EU) No 503/2013 requires that a dietary exposure assessment is carried out on the basis of representative consumption data, and that it should consider also particular consumer groups. The EFSA Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database is currently the only available single source of consumption data in Europe, its use is encouraged for all GM applications. This statement provides technical advice on the use of the EFSA Comprehensive database for the dietary exposure assessment of GM foods

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EFSA Journal 2015;13(2):4034
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