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Technical report on the request for technical assistance on orthosilicic acid‐vanillin complex (OSA‐VC)

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Following an earlier opinion of the EFSA ANS Panel identifying uncertainties in the assessment of orthosilicic acid‐vanillin complex (OSA‐VC) as novel food, the European Commission requested EFSA to provide technical assistance with regards to the evaluation of the additional information submitted by the applicant in support of the authorisation procedure of the novel food. The information provided by the applicant through the European Commission was insufficient to clarify the uncertainties and therefore EFSA requested additional information to the applicant. The new information provided indicated technical drawbacks and the potential presence of particles in the nano range. To clarify the issues, EFSA asked the applicant to provide further information. Not having received any additional information on the issues identified, EFSA concluded on the basis of the available information. Based on the data provided no firm conclusions can be drawn on the chemical identity of the novel foods and on the presence of nanoparticles in OSA‐VC solutions/suspensions.

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