Develop software to perform ranking of a finite collection of objects when a suite of indicator values (criteria) is available for each member of the collection

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28 août 2020
External Scientific Report

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In specific contract No 18 issued under the framework agreement OC/EFSA/AMU/2015/02, EFSA requested Open Analytics to develop software implementing the workflow of a ranking process in a web application.This tool assists ranking objects in a transparent, comparable andmethodologically reproducible manner. More specifically, there are four modules implemented: (1) Create a ranking session; (2) Invite experts; (3) Direct ranking or Scoring and (4) Reporting. The third module includes a repeated procedure to come to a (mathematical) consensus on the objects to be ranked.The application implements a specific procedure both for direct ranking and quantitative/qualitative scoring. The facilitator has access to all four modules, while the invited experts have restricted access to the 3rd module only.

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