Applying the Darwin core standard to the monitoring of wildlife species, their management and estimated records

First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
16 avril 2020
External Scientific Report


Enetwild consortium aims at aggregating data on occurrence, abundance and hunting bag of wildlife in Europe, either as raw data or as results of statistical estimation. These data come from a large community of researchers, hunters and wildlife managers. A flexible and robust data standard is therefore necessary to present the large diversity of data and collection method. We evaluated the possibilities offered by the Darwin Core Standard. The Event core, the occurrence extension and the extended measurement or fact extension proved their utility for our purpose. However, these were not able to record statistical estimation values. We proposed to extend the measurement or fact extension to allow them to be nested among themselves. Any confidence interval or precision measure is indeed a measurement about the punctual estimate, another measurement. We proposed controlled vocabulariesadapted to wildlife survey in data and metadata. This will be aligned with the EFSA data model harmonisation under the SIGMA project.

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