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Final Report CFP/EFSA/DATEX/2009/01 (AGES)

To provide accurate data for risk assessment, the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) has implemented and tested an electronic system for the transmission of food contaminant data to EFSA according to EFSA standards. Keywords:  Chemical Occu ...

Electronic Transmission of Chemical Occurrence Data

The present report describes the resources used and challenges meet in restructuring the Danish national data repositories for chemical contaminants and pesticides and in coding these according to the EFSA “Standard Model”. Keywords:  Chemical, Occurrence ...

Statistical modelling of usual intake

Within the EFSA Article 36 project “European Tool Usual Intake” (ETUI) a workshop was organised in May 2010 where the different available models to calculate usual intake were presented and discussed. This report integrates the workshop background documen ...