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GMO Workshop on allergenicity assessment: save the date

Background The EFSA GMO Panel published a guidance document on allergenicity assessment of GM plants in 2017 [1]. The topics addressed were IgE- and non-IgE-mediated adverse immune reactions to foods and risk assessment. For example, the role of in vitro ...

15 juin 2021 to 16 juin 2021

26th meeting of the EFSA Pesticide Steering Network

Agenda (157.22 KB) Minutes (170.65 KB) Annex 1- Questions on IUCLID (99.57 KB) Annex 2- IUCLID Technical Group for Pesticides (1.82 MB) Annex 3- IUCLID training for Pesticide Steering Network (1.86 MB) Annex 4- IUCLID Hypercare draft programme (197.68 KB) ...

06 octobre 2020