Safety of a change in the conditions of use of galacto‐oligosaccharides as a novel food ingredient in food supplements pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2015/2283

galacto‐oligosaccharides, GOS, dietary fibre, novel foods, food supplement
First published in the EFSA Journal
27 janvier 2021
17 décembre 2020
Scientific Opinion


Following a request from the European Commission, the EFSA Panel on Nutrition, Novel Foods and Food Allergens (NDA) was asked to deliver an opinion on the change in the conditions of use of galacto‐oligosaccharides (GOS) as a novel food (NF) pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2015/2283. The NF is mainly composed of GOS, consisting of different galactosyl residues (two to nine) linked to a terminal glucose by a β‐glycosidic bond but also contains lactose and its monomers (galactose and glucose). The NF is a syrup containing ≥ 55% GOS (w/w dry matter) and is produced enzymatically by two β‐galactosidases. GOS produced by β‐galactosidases according to the same production process is already authorised and included in the EU Union list of novel foods. This application is limited to an assessment of the proposed increase of the use level as food supplement. The proposed change in the conditions of use increases the maximum level in food supplements from 0.333 kg GOS/kg food supplement (33.3%) to 0.450 kg GOS/kg food supplement (45.0%). Since it is recommended that individuals consume no more than 3 servings of 12 g/day, the maximum recommended daily intake would be no more than 16.2 g GOS. No new food uses or other increases to the already approved use levels are being proposed. The information provided on the proposed use levels and anticipated intake do not raise safety concerns. The Panel concludes that the proposed increase in the maximum level of galacto‐oligosaccharides as a NF in food supplements is safe under the proposed changes in conditions of use.

Panel members at the time of adoption

Dominique Turck, Jacqueline Castenmiller, Stefaan De Henauw, Karen Ildico Hirsch‐Ernst, John Kearney, Helle Katrine Knutsen, Alexandre Maciuk, Inge Mangelsdorf, Harry J McArdle, Androniki Naska, Carmen Pelaez, Kristina Pentieva, Alfonso Siani, Frank Thies, Sophia Tsabouri and Marco Vinceti.
Panel on Nutrition, Novel Foods and Food Allergens
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EFSA Journal 2021;19(1):6384
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