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Data are the ingredients of scientific assessments, methodologies are the recipes. Our resources will be of use to anyone involved in food and feed safety assessments.

Data reports

Täsmällisten, ajantasaisten ja vertailukelpoisten tietojen kokoelma on edellytys tietoon perustuville riskinarviointia ja riskinhallintaa koskeville päätöksille.



This dashboard lists the data providers who submitted data to the data collection system of EFSA.


Methodologies guide scientists through the scientific process by providing a step-by-step framework to help them decide what to answer (problem formulation); which evidence to use; and how to make decisions.


A comprehensive body of assessment practices helps our experts to ensure that EFSA’s opinions and reports meet the highest scientific standards.

Tools and resources

EFSA’s scientists, statisticians and technical staff have developed and commissioned a range of tools to allow rapid processing of information, support consistent analysis and reporting of findings, and for predictive modelling.