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Guidance on selected default values to be used by the EFSA Scientific Committee, Scientific Panels and Units in the absence of actual measured data

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This guidance of the Scientific Committee, prepared on request of EFSA, describes the scientific rationale for a number of default values to be used in a harmonised way across EFSA Scientific Committee, Scientific Panels and Units; it also harmonises the rules for rounding derived values, such as health-based guidance values. The aim of this guidance document is not standardisation and it is therefore always possible to deviate from the proposed default values, provided that the rationale for such deviation is described and justified. The Scientific Committee recommends that where default values are defined in legislation, these should be reconsidered in the light of this guidance document. Furthermore, the Scientific Committee recommends that the proposed default values and their possible impact for risk assessment should be discussed between relevant European bodies and international organisations for wider harmonisation.

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