Romanian national food consumption survey for adolescents, adults and elderly

First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
8 Septiembre 2020
External Scientific Report

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CARF (“Ce Are Românul în Farfurie”) (“What the Romanians have in their Plate”) is the dietary survey carried out in Romania in order to collect food consumption data on representative samples of adolescents (356 subjects 10‐17 years old), adults (740 subjects 18‐64 years old), elderly (356 subjects 65‐74 years old) and ad hoc samples of pregnant women (142 subjects) and vegetarians (266 subjects). The study began in 2015 and was completed in 2020. Data on food consumption for over 1500 individuals for adolescents, adults, elderly, vegetarians and pregnant women was collected and obtained by means of two 24‐hour recall interviews covering two seasons and equally representing weekdays and weekends. The interview data was complemented by a Food Propensity Questionnaire in line with the EFSA “Guidance on the EU Menu Methodology”. The data will be included in the EFSA Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database. The software used for the collection of data was the CARF software. The weight and height if the participants were self‐reported. The participation rate was 72% (people who agreed to participate) and final response rate 59.6% (people who answered the second interview).The survey was funded through an EFSA procurement contract and included in the EU Menu Project. No major deviation from the EU Menu guidance or technical specifications was registered while implementing the survey.

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