Specific reporting requirements for contaminants and food additives occurrence data submission in SSD2

SSD2, Contaminants, Food additives, specific requirements
First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
10 Julio 2017
15 Junio 2017
Technical Report


The Standard Sample Description ver. 2 (SSD2) for food and feed is the future EFSA standard for transmission of contaminant and food additives occurrence data from different data providers (Member States, Academic laboratories, Industrial stakeholders, etc.) to EFSA for use in exposure assessments. The SSD2 contains nine mandatory data elements (fields) which are relevant for all data domains and enable a unique description of each sample. The purpose of this document is to describe in detail the individual data elements that are included in the EFSA SSD2 data model to be used for the XML data transmission through the DCF (with emphasis on the mandatory ones for Chemical Contaminants/Food Additives data collection) and mainly to adapt existing specific requirements for guiding any future submission of occurrence data according to the new Standard Data Model. Reporting requirements are valid from 2017 data transmission year.

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