Integration of computational tools, data analysis and social science into food safety risk assessment

modelling, risk assessment, systematic review, mycotoxins, social science
First published in the EFSA Journal
26 Noviembre 2020
7 Septiembre 2020
Special Issue


The EU‐FORA Fellowship Programme ‘Integration of tools and social science into food safety risk assessments’ was proposed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), the government department responsible for food safety in the UK. The working programme was organised into four modules, covering different areas of risk assessment, including microbiological risk assessment, chemical risk assessment, exposure assessment, risk prioritisation and the integration of risk assessment with social science. During this period, the fellow had the unique opportunity to gain experience in different fields of risk assessment, namely how to conduct a systematic review, to assess the risk of microbiological and chemical hazards, to make use of modelling tools for exposure assessment and risk prioritisation, to write scientific reports for committees and networks at the national level and to understand the role of social science in risk assessment. In addition, the fellow was able to attend several meetings, seminars, courses and workshops that helped him to gain further insight in the field of food science. The complete programme enabled a fast learning curve that allowed the fellow to have an overview of the different tools that can be employed in the wide field of food safety risk assessment, in order to acquire skills and competences that can be used in his future career.

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EFSA Journal 2020;18():e181108