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Categorisation of plants for planting, excluding seeds, according to the risk of introduction of Xylella fastidiosa

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Following a request from the European Commission, EFSA was asked to provide urgent technical assistance in the field of plant health as regards the list of host plants of Xylella fastidiosa reported in Appendix В of the recently published EFSA Scientific Opinion on X. fastidiosa. In this technical report the list of host plants is categorised focusing on plant species traded as plants for planting and taking into account available data and information on the trade and cultivation of host plants and on infection with X. fastidiosa. Based on this characterisation, a definition of the host plants of X. fastidiosa which have been both (1) naturally infected and (2) confirmed by at least two different testing methods is provided, together with indication when vector transmission has been confirmed by two testing methods. An electronic dataset is appended to this technical report and provides a searchable list of host plant species.