Opinion of the Scientific Committee on a request from EFSA related to a generic approach to the safety assessment by EFSA of microorganisms used in food/feed and the production of food/feed additives

Qualified presumption of safety, QPS, safety assessment, microorganisms, bacteria, yeast, filamentous fungi, GRAS
First published in the EFSA Journal
16 Junio 2005
15 Abril 2005
Last Updated
19 Abril 2006. This version replaces the previous one/s.
Scientific Opinion


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Panel members at the time of adoption

Sue Barlow, Andrew Chesson, John Collins, Tito Fernandes, Albert Flynn, Tony Hardy, Bo Jansson, Ada Knaap, Harry Kuiper, Pierre Le Neindre, Josef Schlatter, Vittorio Silano, Philippe Vannier, and Josep Vives-Rego.
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