Recommendations on the use of the proportionality approach in the framework of risk assessment for pesticide residues

pesticides, active substance, plant protection product, proportionality
First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
14 November 2018
6 November 2018
Technical Report


The technical report reflects the outcome of the discussions and agreements that were reached in the pesticides peer review meeting on residues and maximum residue levels regarding the principles and guidance for application of the proportionality concept in the risk assessment methodologies used at European level for the estimation of the maximum residue levels for pesticides. In addition, practical experiences on the use of the proportionality approach gained by EFSA have been included in this document. Specific cases that are not fully covered by the general principles of the proportionality concept outlined in the OECD guidance document and further recommendations are reported. This output does not preclude the production of other technical reports on this topic to clarify further aspects of the proportionality concept used in the context of the assessment of pesticide residues in food.

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