FoodEx2 Browser enhancement

food classification, browser, FoodEx2
First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
5 September 2017
30 August 2017
Technical Report


FoodEx2 is a comprehensive and flexible food classification and description system developed by EFSA to support exposure assessment and data collection and exchange in different food safety-related domains. The report describes enhancements and bug fixes to the FoodEx2 browser, an open source tool developed for European data providers and international organisations like FAO to use the FoodEx2 food classification. Based on feedback from European Member State and international organisations users who piloted the use of the tool, all known issues in the tool have been fixed and several new functionalities have been added, including the checking of codes during their creation. The enhancements make the browser simpler, quicker and more robust for users. The latest revision of the browser is freely available for download on EFSA’s website. This report and the activity described here have been developed as partial fulfilment of a traineeship in the Evidence Management unit at EFSA. The latest revision of the FoodEx2 browser is available for free download in the EFSA website.

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