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2015 Report of the activities of Stakeholders Consultative Group of emerging risks



Since its establishment in 2010, the Stakeholder Consultative Group on Emerging Risks (StaCG-ER) has operated with the aim of enhancing the exchange of data and information on methods, as well as the dialogue on issues pertaining to emerging risks, in order to ensure a high level of openness and transparency. In 2015, the group discussed a total of ten signals of potential emerging issues using a standard briefing note template developed by the Scientific Committee and Emerging Risks unit of EFSA. Out of these ten signals, four originated from the members of the StaCG-ER, five from the EFSA Emerging Risk Exchange Network (EREN) and one from EFSA. The issues brought to the attention of StaCG-ER were a selection of potential emerging issues of particular relevance to the stakeholders, for which EFSA and the StaCG-ER members were seeking further data or were interested in the group’s opinion thereon. The issues discussed were in the area of plant health, allergens, mycotoxins, chemical contaminants and animal welfare.