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New EFSA body to coordinate pesticide risk assessment

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is setting up a new committee to further strengthen its role in reviewing the safety of active substances used in pesticides together with the European Commission and EU member states. Meeting in Paris, EFSA’s Adv ...

23 September 2008

EFSA advises on acute dietary exposure to pesticides

EFSA has delivered advice on the technique for estimating acute dietary exposure to pesticide residues. This is an important factor in pesticide safety evaluations and is used by the Member States and the European Commission to set EU-wide Maximum Residue ...

10 August 2007

EFSA delivers advice on data requirements for pesticides evaluations

EFSA has just issued scientific advice related to EU rules on the placing of pesticides on the market. The work concerns the type of information pesticide manufacturers and marketing companies are required to submit in the context of EU approval procedure ...

30 March 2007

EFSA evaluates proposed temporary EU Maximum Residue Levels

EFSA has issued an opinion on the possible health risks from certain proposed residue levels of pesticides in food and feed. This is one of the first steps in the full EU harmonisation of national maximum residue levels[1] for pesticides in the Member Sta ...

15 March 2007

EFSA completes 2nd stage of EU-wide pesticides peer review process

EFSA has completed its work on the 2nd stage of the EU-wide peer review of active substances used in plant protection products (commonly referred to as pesticides), and issued conclusions on 50 substances that have been peer reviewed for safety by experts ...

06 October 2006