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EFSA clarifies neonicotinoid conclusions in light of new data

EFSA has made minor adjustments to its recent assessment of the risks to bees from pesticides containing the neonicotinoid active substance thiamethoxam. The changes, which follow the submission of new information from two Member States, regard some uses ...

14 March 2013

EFSA identifies risks to bees from neonicotinoids

EFSA scientists have identified a number of risks posed to bees by three neonicotinoid insecticides[1]. The Authority was asked by the European Commission to assess the risks associated with the use of clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam as seed t ...

16 January 2013

EFSA reviews work on bees

EFSA has completed a full review of all its risk assessment activities and scientific outputs related to bees and bee health. An inventory has been compiled which will now be assessed by EFSA’s scientific experts to identify areas for further cross-discip ...

20 November 2012

Pesticides and bees: EFSA consults on draft risk assessment guidance

EFSA has launched a public consultation on its draft guidelines for assessing the risk to bees from plant protection products. The guidance suggests a multi-layered risk assessment approach in semi-field and field conditions, with each tier ensuring the n ...

20 September 2012

Bee health: the interaction between pesticides and other factors

Does exposure to pesticides make bees more susceptible to disease and attack by parasites? EFSA has published an overview of current knowledge on how – or if – plant protection products and other factors combine to negatively affect bee health. The report ...

14 September 2012

EFSA reviews studies on some pesticides and bee health

Two teams of researchers recently had innovative behavioural studies[1] published in the journal Science which suggested that low levels of neonicotinoid pesticides[2] can have significant effects on bee colonies. Following publication of the studies, the ...

01 June 2012

Pesticides and bee health: EFSA reviews the science

EFSA has published a state-of-the-art scientific review of the risks posed by pesticides to honey bees, bumble bees and solitary bees. This major piece of work will support the development of specific guidance for the assessment of possible risks to bees ...

23 May 2012

Bee health: How EFSA is helping to protect our pollinators

EFSA is liaising with the European Commission as well as the French Health and Safety Agency (Anses) following the publication of two new scientific studies in the journal Science which suggest that pesticides – specifically neonicotinoids – may be linked ...

30 March 2012

EFSA opinion on avian influenza vaccines in domestic poultry

The Animal Health and Welfare Panel (AHAW) of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has produced an opinion on currently available avian influenza (AI) vaccines for poultry, such as chickens and ducks. According to the Panel’s experts, the AI vaccines ...

06 June 2007