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Recent data on veterinary drug residues in animals and food

EFSA’s data report summarises the monitoring data from 2014, including compliance rates with EU residue limits, for a range of veterinary medicines, unauthorised substances and contaminants found in animals and animal-derived food. Overall, 730,000 sample ...

25 May 2016

Process contaminants in vegetable oils and foods

Glycerol-based process contaminants found in palm oil, but also in other vegetable oils, margarines and some processed foods, raise potential health concerns for average consumers of these foods in all young age groups, and for high consumers in all age g ...

03 May 2016

Apricot kernels pose risk of cyanide poisoning

Eating more than three small raw apricot kernels, or less than half of one large kernel, in a serving can exceed safe levels. Toddlers consuming even one small apricot kernel risk being over the safe level. A naturally-occurring compound called amygdalin ...

27 April 2016

Veterinary drug residue data for 2013 stable

With over one million samples from the 28 EU Member States, the latest EFSA report in an ongoing series summarises compliance rates with EU residue limits or targets for a range of veterinary medicines and contaminants. The percentage of non-compliant sam ...

18 November 2015

Chlorate in food: risks for public health

Long-term exposure to chlorate in food, particularly in drinking water, is a potential health concern for children, especially those with mild or moderate iodine deficiency. But the total intake on a single day even at the highest estimated levels is unli ...

24 June 2015

Acrylamide in food is a public health concern

Following a comprehensive review, EFSA has published its scientific opinion on acrylamide in food. Experts from EFSA’s Panel on Contaminants in the Food Chain (CONTAM) have reconfirmed previous evaluations that acrylamide in food potentially increases the ...

04 June 2015

New dioxins risk assessment planned, says EFSA

A new EFSA scientific statement reviews the different recommended safe levels of dioxins in food and feed. EFSA recommends and recently accepted a request from the European Commission for a comprehensive risk assessment for animal and human health related ...

29 May 2015

Perchlorate in fruit and vegetables opinion re-published

EFSA has re-published its scientific opinion on the risks to public health from perchlorate in food, particularly in fruit and vegetables. Adopted in September 2014, the opinion has been revised because of a technical error. EFSA’s experts have re-assesse ...

26 May 2015

EFSA to reopen opinion on perchlorate in fruit and vegetables

EFSA will re-examine its 2014 scientific opinion on perchlorate in food following confirmation that there was a technical error in the estimation of consumer exposure to perchlorate in the diet. Meeting in Parma this week, EFSA’s expert Panel on Contamina ...

23 January 2015