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EFSA assesses the safety of food irradiation

irradiation? Food irradiation is a process which can be used to kill bacteria that cause food poisoning, such ... as fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish and shellfish, fresh meats, poultry. ...

06 April 2011

EFSA evaluates parasites in fish

safety concerns resulting from possible allergic reactions to parasites in a range of fish products and ... Panel concludes that the only parasite in fish products for human consumption likely to cause allergic ... reactions is Anisakis, a parasitic worm whose larvae can be found in fish flesh. The opinion of the BIOHAZ ...

14 April 2010

Risk assessment on parasites in fishery products

most effective processes guaranteeing killing. All wild caught seawater and freshwater fish are must be ... allergen alone from killed parasite: the relative epidemiological impact for each is unknown. Allergy to A. ... cold smoking methods are not sufficient to kill A. simplex and freezing or heat treatments remain the ...

14 April 2010
Scientific Opinion