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App developer console opens up our food safety data

A new “developer portal” using application programming interface (API) technology makes EFSA’s information more accessible to software developers, allowing them to design creative new apps and tools for use by the food safety assessment community or consu ...

01 July 2019

EFSA to share data on open-access platform

EFSA has taken a major step towards becoming a fully open data organisation by committing to publish the scientific data it uses for EU-wide monitoring programmes and surveys and many of its risk assessments. In a report published today, EFSA lays out how ...

17 January 2019

Communications methodology a breakthrough for social science at EFSA

EFSA’s new approach to communicating scientific uncertainties was made possible by fusing the expertise of social scientists, natural scientists and communicators. The experts’ knowledge of social research on people’s understanding of uncertainties and th ...

16 January 2019

Breaking news from EFSA’s expert meetings: plant health

Watch our news video report to find out what was discussed and decided at this week’s open meeting of EFSA’s Panel on Plant Health in Brussels. EFSA is constantly looking at ways to make its scientific work more open and transparent. We are publishing vid ...

27 May 2016

Methodology developments among efforts contributing to Open EFSA

A new editorial highlights how EFSA scientists are tackling key scientific issues that will increase the openness, robustness and transparency of EFSA’s scientific assessments. EFSA also presents a new report that shows how these and other on-going effort ...

27 March 2015

Cross-cutting assessment methodology developments at EFSA

Interview with Tony Hardy, Chair of EFSA’s Scientific Committee   Tony Hardy Chair of EFSA’s Scientific Committee Professor Tony Hardy is an ecologist, environmental chemist and ecotoxicologist with extensive research and risk assessment experience. His p ...

27 March 2015

EFSA announces more open plenary meetings in Brussels

EFSA is making it easier for external observers to attend open plenary meetings of its scientific panels and Scientific Committee with most open plenaries taking place in Brussels this year. EFSA is also allowing more observers to participate and has adju ...