Tenders €144k+

For purchases with a value above €144,000 EFSA uses the open call for tenders procedure.

To view the procurement documents for a call of interest to you, click on the title of the call listed below. There you will find links to the e-tendering platform, where you can download all procurement instructions and forms related to that specific call (invitation letter, tender specifications, draft contract and any templates necessary for offer submission).

Deadline Reference Title Published
14/08/2019 14:30:59 OC/EFSA/HUCAP/2019/03 Provision of Childcare Services for the children of the EFSA staff 08/07/2019
07/08/2019 14:30:59 OC/EFSA/CORSER/2019/02 Canteen, bar, catering and coffee station services 13/06/2019
19/06/2019 14:30:59 OC/EFSA/LA/2019/02 Legal Support and Representation for Litigation before Union and National Judicatures 20/05/2019
06/05/2019 14:30:59 OC/EFSA/HUCAP/2019/01 Selection of a competent doctor for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) 01/04/2019
08/04/2019 14:30:00 OC/EFSA/CORSER/2019/01 Organisational and Logistical Services 07/03/2019
30/04/2019 14:30:59 OC/EFSA/CORSER/2019/04 Provision of Travel Agency Services 07/03/2019
03/04/2019 14:30:00 OC/EFSA/ENCO/2019/01 Developing, Organizing and Delivering of Training Activities under the EFSA European Food Risk Assessment Fellowship Programme 01/03/2019
08/04/2019 14:30:00 OC/EFSA/GMO/2019/01 HLA-DQ Peptide Modelling Software 27/02/2019
05/04/2019 14:30:59 OC/EFSA/CORSER/2019/03 Supply of electricity with Green Option 18/02/2019
15/01/2019 14:30:00 OC/EFSA/GMO/2018/04 Preparatory Work for the Assessment/Quality Appraisal of Systematic/Extensive Literature Searches and Scoping/Systematic Reviews for GMO Market Applications and Risk Assessments 16/11/2018


External tenders

In addition to EFSA tenders, you will find in this section the tender opportunities published by the other EU Agencies reporting to the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), European Environment Agency (EEA), European Medicines Agency (EMA), European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Deadline Body Reference Title Published
02/09/2019 ECDC OJ/2019/RMC/11059 Journals and Databases 01/08/2019
N/A ECDC CPN/2019/RMC/10732 Catering and Canteen Services 01/08/2019
07/05/2023 ECDC CEI/2019/RMC/11165 Editing and Proofreading, and Rapporteur Services 07/08/2019
24/09/2019 ECDC OJ/2019/RMC/10538 Medical Services 13/08/2019
16/09/2019 EEA EEA/ADS/19/005 Provision of Security, Reception and Mail Services for the European Environment Agency 15/07/2019
03/09/2019 EMA EMA/2019/05/DED Cleaning, Waste Management and other Related Services 18/07/2019
02/10/2019 ECHA ECHA/2018/298 Framework Service Contract for the provision of Managed IT Workplace Services for the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) 20/08/2019
23/09/2019 EEA EEA/DIS/R0/19/012 Framework Service Contract for the Copernicus Land Monitoring Services – CLC+ Backbone Production, Including Raster and Vector Products Based on Satellite Input Data from 2017/2018/2019 22/07/2019
06/09/2019 ECHA ECHA/2019/43 Framework Service Contract for Progressive Maintenance of the QSAR Toolbox and IT Implementation of the Latest Scientific and Toxicological Developments 24/06/2019