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Glyphosate: EFSA to share raw data


EFSA is to release the raw data used in the recent EU safety evaluation of glyphosate, as part of its commitment to open .

The information will be shared with a group of MEPs following a public access to document request. When combined with the detailed background documents already published on EFSA’s website, the information will be sufficient to enable a third-party scientist to scrutinise the evaluation of glyphosate that was carried out by EFSA and EU Member States.

In releasing the raw data from these industry studies, EFSA will further increase the transparency of the glyphosate evaluation - while complying with its obligations under European law regarding the protection of commercially sensitive information.

Bernhard Url, EFSA’s Executive Director, said: “Transparency and openness are essential values for EFSA because they strengthen confidence in science. Sharing the data that underpin our work is a key in making science reproducible and therefore trusted.  We will continue to make data available whenever we can, while striking the balance between transparency and the legitimate interest of study owners.”

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