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Pest survey card on Anthonomus eugenii



This pest survey card was prepared in the context of the EFSA mandate on plant pest surveillance (M‐2017‐0137), at the request of the European Commission. Its purpose is to guide the Member States in preparing data and information for Anthonomus eugenii surveys. These are required to design statistically sound and risk‐based pest surveys, in line with current international standards.Anthonomus eugenii is a clearly defined taxonomic entity thatissubject to specific measures in the EU to prevent entry of the pest via the fruit of Capsicum spp.Capsicum spp. and Solanummelongena are the most relevant hosts in the EU with the formerhaving the highest risk of infestation. The areas around packing and sorting stations where imported fruit of these crops is handled would also be at a higher risk. Anthonomus eugeniicouldbecome established indoors in all areas in the EU where Capsicumand S. melongenaplantsare grown in greenhouses, provided that a nearly continuous production cycle is in place. In the southernmost parts of the EU, it is also expected that A. eugeniicouldbecome established outdoors.Detection of A. eugeniishould either be performedby visual examination to detectthe pest and its signs of infestation in the growing plants,and by using traps to catch adult beetles in the absence of host plants. It is recommended that the initial morphological identification of A. eugeniiis confirmed by DNA barcoding.

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