Scientific experts

The knowledge, experience and decision-making of EFSA's scientific experts are at the heart of our work.

  • EFSA’s Scientific Panels of experts are responsible for the bulk of EFSA’s scientific assessment work. Each of the 10 Panels is dedicated to a different area of the food and feed chain.
  • The Scientific Committee has the task of supporting the work of the Panels on cross-cutting scientific issues. It focuses on developing harmonised risk assessment methodologies in fields where EU-wide approaches are not yet defined.
  • EFSA staff support the Scientific Panels and Scientific Committee in carrying out most of the Authority's scientific work.

How does EFSA select its Panels?

The membership of EFSA’s Scientific Committee and Panels is renewed every three years.

  • At least one year before their re-establishment, EFSA publishes an open call for applications from scientific experts specialised in the fields within the remit of EFSA’s Scientific Committee and Panels.
  • EFSA follows a detailed selection procedure including external evaluation, as set out in a Decision of the EFSA Executive Director.
  • The Management Board nominates the new Scientific Committee and Panel members, based on a shortlist submitted by the Executive Director