Info Session on Applications – GMO – Technical meeting with applicants

28 October 2014

Agenda and presentations

On 28 October 2014, EFSA received industry representatives to discuss scientific, regulatory and procedural requirements related to GM plants applications.

The event was organised in the framework of the “EFSA Info Sessions on Applications” aimed at increasing regular interaction and exchange of views with EFSA’s stakeholders.

Sixteen participants representing industry working in the field of GM plants met with EFSA staff, two EFSA contractors, representatives of the European Union Reference Laboratory for GM Food and Feed, and a representative of the European Commission.  The GMO panel was also represented.

After a general overview on new activities at EFSA in the field of GMO risk assessment the following key topics were considered:

  • Technical considerations on conducting repeated-dose 90-day oral toxicity study in rodents on whole food/feed as specified in the recently published EFSA Explanatory statement;
  • Recurrent issues regarding the statistical analyses of comparative data and characteristics of the EFSA software tool to perform the statistical analysis along with EFSA GMO Panel guidelines and Regulation (EU) 503/2013,
  • Technical aspects of the methodology applied to allergen similarity searches using bioinformatics tools.

Overall, participants reflected positively on the event. They considered the meeting as an important opportunity to enhance the constructive dialogue and increase mutual understanding between the Authority and the different actors involved in the evaluation process of GM plant applications.

The agenda and the presentations of the technical meeting are available below.


Draft agenda(151.8 KB)