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    1st meeting of the Management Board

    Brussels 18 September 2002 First board meeting of new food authority to be held next week Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner David Byrne began the first meeting of the Management Board by describing how the European Food Safety Authority had come ...

    18 September 2002

    2nd meeting of the Management Board

    Brussels 1 October 2002 The Management Board nominated Geoffrey Podger as candidate for the position of EFSA's Executive Director. The nomination is to be confirmed by the European Parliament. Minutes of the 2nd Management Board meeting (80.82 KB) Mi ...

    01 October 2002

    3rd meeting of the Management Board

    Brussels 17 October 2002 The Board were given an update on the procedure for the Executive Director and they then moved on to discuss the 2003 Management Plan. A round table discussion looked at the National arrangements for the administration of risk ana ...

    17 October 2002

    4th meeting of the Management Board

    Brussels 6 November 2002 A decision was taken on the 2003 Management Plan and on matters concerning the Scientific Committee and Panels. Other administrative details amended Rules of procedure for the Management Board concerning indemnities for Board Memb ...

    06 November 2002

    Team Building Day meeting of the Management Board

    Brussels 29 November 2002 As Board members have very different backgrounds, expertise, nationalities and speak different languages, this time was taken to build a cohesive team spirit and mutual understanding. Report (103.16 KB) ...

    29 November 2002

    5th meeting of the Management Board

    Brussels 11 December 2002 The Management Board discussed and voted on the 2003 Budget and a new Framework Financial Regulation. The heard an update on the interim Advisory Forum and the Advisory Forum Proper and discussed a report on the Management Board ...

    11 December 2002

    6th meeting of the Management Board

    Brussels 21 January 2003 There was discussion and a vote on a draft Decision concerning the terms and conditions for internal investigations in relation to the prevention of fraud, corruption and any illegal activity detrimental to the Communities’ intere ...

    21 January 2003

    7th meeting of  the Management Board

    Brussels 19 March 2003 The meeting dealt with a number of administrative matters including discharge of the 2002 budget. Vice Chair of the Board, Deirdre Hutton submitted a paper for discussion on emerging risk and the allocation of EFSA resources and Boa ...

    19 March 2003

    8th meeting of the Management Board

    Brussels 29 April 2003 The Management Board heard information concerning a call for interests for a tender and on the shortlist of members of the Scientific Committee and Panels. Discussion centered around this agenda point and continued throughout the da ...

    29 April 2003

    9th meeting of the Management Board

    Brussels 18 June 2003 The Scientific Panels were inaugurated at the end of May, so the general update covered their first meetings. Mr Podger informed the Board that these meetings dealt mainly with administrative and scientific planning matters and that ...

    18 June 2003

    The 3rd meeting of the Advisory Forum

    Berlin 3 July 2003 Draft agenda (78.21 KB) Minutes (107.11 KB) Particip of 3rd parties at meetings (90.81 KB) Div of responsibilities (99.82 KB) Discussion paper on developments (153.53 KB) Practical aspects of building it links (129 KB) Acrylamide consul ...

    03 July 2003

    The 4th meeting of the Advisory Forum

    Madrid 10 September 2003 Draft agenda (43.1 KB) Minutes (96.17 KB) Note semicarbazide (52.73 KB) Draft terms (29.69 KB) Draft terms 2 (49.73 KB) Efsa colloque (27.55 KB) Update on arrangements (34.56 KB) Update on plans (30.53 KB) Provisional dates for me ...

    10 September 2003

    10th meeting of the Management Board

    Brussels 16 September 2003 In addition to a general update on developments, the Management Board were given a briefing on the state of play of recruitment and staffing, and received a chart describing who does what at EFSA. Discussion centered around the ...

    16 September 2003

    The 3rd plenary meeting of the AFC Panel

    Brussels 30 September 2003 Minutes (86.54 KB) Presentations Statement of the AFC Panel updating the advice availalble on semicarbazide in packaged foods (144.12 KB) ...

    30 September 2003


    Andromeda Hotel, Ostend 23 October 2003 Agenda: Issues and topics include interaction and communication between stakeholders and EFSA, analysing risk assessment methods and promoting transparency through new technologies such as webstreaming and the Inter ...

    23 October 2003
    Andromeda Hotel, Ostend

    The 5th meeting of the Advisory Forum

    Brussels 4 November 2003 Draft agenda (46.32 KB) Minutes (89.17 KB) Update on semicarbazide (251.16 KB) Update on plans (56.51 KB) ...

    04 November 2003

    Workshop on acrylamide formation in food

    Brussels 17 November 2003       The meeting demonstrated that since April 2002 international research on acrylamide in food has progressed rapidly, however there are still many questions that need to be answered. The interest in the acrylamide issue is ap ...

    17 November 2003
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